„Tooth brush, paste, cup, warm water, this is how the great adventure begins, I brush my teeth because I know who does not wash them – he is in trouble! Because it is very important to have healthy teeth!”


The quoted text of the song for children is known to practically all of us from kindergarten. Now the children also sing it and how many beautiful smiles would there be if this song did not end with singing only … Because prophylaxis is the first step in the treatment of caries and periodontitis, consisting in the prevention of dental and periodontal diseases. It sounds serious, and it means almost the same as in the song. Prevention is nothing more than a simple method of caries prevention, which the earlier it is introduced, the better the results – healthy teeth and gums, saving time and money, and a beautiful and natural smile throughout your life. It sounds beautiful and it’s so simple… The main task of prophylaxis is to fight plaque – the main cause of the development of caries and periodontitis, as well as to increase the resistance of tooth tissues and periodontium to acid and bacteria attack.

At Elektoralna Dental Clinic, we provide patients a full range of professionally performed preventive treatments using modern and proven methods.” Because it is very important to have healthy teeth!”.