Aesthetic dentistry

Apart from the purely medical aspect, dental treatment more and more often concentrates on the improvement of the aesthetics of smile. The mouth, with visible teeth take up a significant part of the face and considerably impact a person’s appearance and looks. Patients who often undergo a complex treatment process would like to know at the very start what effect will eventually be achieved. Until now, they had to rely on their imagination and listen to a medical language, which is not always accessible and lucid.

Now our Patients can see the effects of treatment before any procedures are initiated.

The development of computer technology and image processing created the possibility of depicting the appearance of the patient’s face, which will most likely be achieved after the completion of the treatment.

It is an innovative, completely non-invasive method that offers ample opportunities in the communication between the patient and the doctor

This method consist in taking a series of photographs of the patient’s face in strictly defined conditions and  from particular perspectives. Then, after careful analysis of occlusal conditions and – what is extremely important – the patient’s expectations, the photograph undergoes computer processing, as a result of which a modified image of the patient’s face is obtained. The patient can then evaluate the visualisation according to his or her expectations and ideas. After any potential corrections are made, the visualisation is included in the medical documentation, which enables the doctors to better control the treatment process that leads to the achievement of the desired effect.