Małgorzata Stodolna

Mrs. Małgorzata is unemployed. She looks after her sick mother everyday. The only support is her daughter. It was her, who signed her mother to participate in Metamorphoses. Mrs Małgorzata is a heavy smoker, which contributes to the disastrous condition of the oral cavity, as well as yellow and discolored teeth. Moreover, one of the ones was incorrectly set. Our doctors performed a number of treatments to Mrs. Małgorzata, thanks to which the patient began to smile again. Today she believes, that by changing her appearance, she can change her life and find a job.

Treatments performed at Elektoralna Dental Clinic:

  • Photo (photo of teeth at every stage of treatment)
  • CBCT
  • Hygienization + periodontal treatment using the method of Dr. Kiworkowa
  • Conservative treatment
  • Root canal treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Whitening
  • aesthetic fillings in the anterior and posterior sections