Iwona Ziemkiewicz

Iwona Ziemkiewicz lives in Warsaw. Whole her life she devotes to her children. By applaying to the program she wanted to improve her appearance to feel better in her own skin. As she says about herself: she is a cheerful person and loves to laugh, the cavity problems don’t allow her to fully enjoy her life.

Treatments performed at Elektoralna Dental Clinic:

  • CBCT
  • hygienization
  • pre-prosthetic treatment: conservative, endodontic, surgical – FRENULOTOMY procedure (incision of the frenulum)
  • tooth whitening by Zoom system in jaw
  • multi-stage prosthetic treatment including prepatarion of temporary restorations at the first stage
  • the final stage of prosthetic treatment is the performance of a porcelain bridge in the anterior part of thr jaw and skeletal denture complementing missing teeth in the maxilla and mandible.