Julia the Squirrel Foundation
ul. Elektoralna 28
00-892 Warszawa

KRS 0000241384
58 1020 1156 0000 7502 0114 9053
PKO BP Oddział 12, Warsaw Branch

The idea of creating a foundation has always been close to me. 32 years ago I came to Poland, continuing the medical practice in the field of dentistry that started right after graduation. I treated children and adults. During children visits I intuitively sensed the needs, as well as fears of visiting a dentist office. First young patient, who required free, comprehensive denal care was a sick child whose parents couldn’t afford the treatment. Then other children who needed help appeared – orphans. This time we got lots of applications for diagnostics and free treatment.

In 2005, my daughter, Dr. Emma Kiworkowa, privately mother of two girls, offered establishing the Villa Nova Dental Clinic Foundation (named after the Villa Nova Dental Clinic) and its co-management. Our employees – doctors, assistants and even interns – offered their suport. Under the banner of Villa Nova Dental Clinic, we have manager to fully heal over 200 children. We conducted free diagnostics for over 1000 kids. There were more and more cases of children with decay of primary and even permanent teeth. Trips as part of pro-health campaigns are not enough. 2012 is a breakthough in the Foundation’s short history.

Janusz Korczak year became for me a great opportunity to implement a project that has only beed talked about in Poland so far – a project on a national scale, a mobile medical care project „Dentobus”. On the mother’s day, May 26, 2012, the Foundation changed its name and logo – from that day we are the Fundacja Wiewiórki Julii (eng.Julia Squirrel Foundation). This change was related to the expansion of the scale of the Fundation’s activities, including Dentobus project. Before this is done, a team of dentists from Elelktoralna Dental Clinic and Villa Nova Dental Clinic will carry out a dental research campaign the country. Since October 2012, we have been travelling around Poland to diagnose and prepare examination schedule for the youngest children for the dentobus project. Currently we obtain founds to buy equipment of a mobile bus. We wanna go by our bus to whole places in Poland – where there are no dentists’ offices, where parents do not have money for visits, to children who need this help the most. Many people foretold me a total defeat and although the beginnings were not easy, today I can say that I feel fulfilled and Poland is my real home. On my way I met many kind people. Dentobus is my dream, more and more real everyday.

Dr Julietta Kiworkowa,
CEO of Foundation Wiewiórki Julii